A Hassle-Free Guide How to Claim Warranty on Flipkart: 20 Easy Steps for a Seamless Experience

In this blog, we will Give you the steps for How to Claim Warranty on Flipkart and all Flipkart’s warranty policies, understanding its coverage, and provide you with a very easy step-by-step guide to claiming warranty on Flipkart.
Checking Is Product Eligible for Warranty Claims
Before going into the warranty claim procedure, it’s important to check if your purchased product is in warranty.


Introduction to Flipkart Warranty Claims or how to claim warranty on flipkart



how to claim warranty on flipkart


  • Before we start upon how to claim warranty on Flipkart here is a short introduction :  


When you need to purchasing products, having a warranty provides peace of mind.
Flipkart, is one of the top leading e-commerce platforms, you have to understand the importance of warranty and claims to make the process of claiming it as hassle-free .


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Flipkart offers two types of products they sell 



Flipkart-assured and non-assured products :


  1. Flipkart-assured products : undergoes best quality checks, ensuring you with a higher level of reliability.
  2. Non-assured products : may still be eligible to claim flipkart warranty, but it’s important to verify this before proceeding with a claim.





Your query How to claim warranty on flipkart

To Claim Flipkart Warranty You Must Understand Flipkart’s Warranty Terms and Conditions



  1. To ensuring seamless warranty claim experiences, it’s necessary to have a clear knowledge about
  2. Flipkart’s warranty term and conditions.
  3. Flipkart provides very detailed info about the warranty period, coverage, and any limitations specific to different product categories.
  4. Undergo yourself with these terms, you can better know the warranty claim process steps.
    Step-by-Step Guide for Claiming Warranty on Flipkart



Let’s come to the point and begin the step-by-step process for claiming warranty on Flipkart: 


how to claim warranty on flipkart



  1. Please Log in to your Flipkart account and go to “My Orders.”Identify the specific order for the product you wish to claim warranty for.
  2. You Have To Review product’s warranty details and collect any necessary information.
  3. Evaluate the warranty coverage and exclusions for the specific issue you’re facing.
  4. Initiate the warranty claim process by clicking on “Claim Warranty “
  5. Fill out the warranty claim form accurately, providing all the required details.
  6. Attach relevant documents such as the invoice, warranty card, and product images.
  7. Understand the return process and confirm the pickup date for the return.
  8. Safely package the product for return and attach the provided return label.
  9. Confirm the return through Flipkart’s online platform.


  • You have to track the return shipment to ensure its safe delivery to the merchant.


  1. Await the inspection and evaluation of the returned product by Flipkart.
  2. Receive updates on the status of your warranty claim through notifications.
  3. Receive approval or rejection of the warranty claim based on evaluation results.



  • If approved, initiate the replacement or repair process as per Flipkart’s instructions.


  1. Monitor the progress of the replacement or repair order.
  2. Receive the repaired product or the replacement within the designated time frame.
  3. Inspect the received product for its condition and functionality.
  4. Provide feedback on your warranty claim experience and Flipkart’s service.
  5. Maintain a hassle-free record of the warranty claim for future reference.


In Addition some Tips and Recommendations for Your Smooth Warranty Claims on flipkart



To ensure a smooth warranty claim process, here are some additional tips and recommendations: Properly care for the product and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid voiding the warranty.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty process, do not hesitate to contact Flipkart’s customer support for assistance they there for you.


In final


In summary, claiming warranty on Flipkart doesn’t have to be a complicated process.
By following this step-by-step guide provided to you in this article, you can go through the warranty claim process
Remember to always provide accurate details and follow the instructions closely to maximize your chances of a successful warranty claim.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here are some of the frequently asked questions for claiming warranty on Flipkart: What types of products are eligible for warranty claims on Flipkart?


Are there any warranty limitations for certain product categories?

  • YES

How long does the warranty claim process on Flipkart usually take?

  • 48hrs

Can I claim warranty for a product purchased from a third-party seller on Flipkart?

  • NO

What should I do if my warranty claim gets rejected?

  • Call Customer Care

Is there a chance of receiving a refund instead of a replacement for a defective product?

  • YES

Can I transfer the warranty of a product purchased on Flipkart to another person?

  • NO

How can I maximize the chances of a successful warranty claim on Flipkart?

  • Ensure you product under warranty

Are there any additional costs associated with claiming warranty on Flipkart?

  • NO

What should I do if the delivered product has visible damage upon arrival?



Your search for how to claim warranty on flipkart ends here have good time.

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